Quit Dreaming

Quit Dreaming Recording Studio

A small, friendly 48–track digital recording studio in Hampton Hill, Middlesex.

Studio Service

We offer a full studio service covering recording, mixing and mastering.

Any recording is only as good as each stage of the recording path, and that starts with the microphones. We have a superb range of microphones to cover all applications - vocals, drums, acoustic and electric instruments and cabinets. Our mic cabinet includes both dynamic and condenser mics, including a beautifully revealing SE Gemini dual tube mic for vocals.

We route the mics through either our Focusrite Voicemaster Pro for vocals or our Focusrite OctoPre for instruments. These units contain fantastic preamps to ensure that the signal hitting the desk is as clear as possible.

The analogue signal is then converted to digital on our Akai desks. These provide onboard channel processing in the form of EQ, dynamics and effects, digital editing and full mix automation.

Finally, we transfer the stereo mixdown from the desk to computer for mastering. We typically use Soundforge, Wavelab and T-RackS software for this stage and the end product is an audio CD of your songs.


If you have your own facilities for mixing and mastering but no facility for recording, we can record your vocals and instruments and provide you with the individual unprocessed audio tracks on CD or DVD. We have a superb range of microphones including a dual tube SE Gemini for vocal recording and a full set of drum mics including the excellent Yamaha Subkick to ensure your bass drum has plenty of bottom end.


If you have raw audio tracks but no facility for mixing, we can load them up onto our desk and mix them for you.


If you have a stereo audio track that needs to be mastered, we can rip your audio from CD and process it using our mastering software.

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