Quit Dreaming

Quit Dreaming Recording Studio

A small, friendly 48–track digital recording studio in Hampton Hill, Middlesex.

Why choose Quit Dreaming?

Let’s get one thing cleared up. We may be small, but we have all the equipment necessary to ensure you leave here with a big smile on your face. Period.

Most people think that paying to record at a big, expensive studio will deliver better results than hiring a small, cheaper studio. Right?

Well we get many customers who have thought exactly that, and following disappointing results, give us a call. The main complaint is usually that the engineer showed no interest in them or their music and seemed to want to finish the session as quickly as possible. We hear this type of thing time and again.

So what’s the QD–factor that makes all the difference?

Well we take an interest and get involved in the sessions. We don’t sit there going through the motions just because you’re still 17 and haven’t recorded before. No matter who you are, what experience you have or how long you’ve been playing, we will work with you to achieve the best results possible within the session time available.

We get a real kick out of seeing customers leave the studio with something far better than they imagined they’d achieve.

That’s why we do this, and it’s why you should choose Quit Dreaming Recording Studio.

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