Quit Dreaming

Quit Dreaming Recording Studio

A small, friendly 48–track digital recording studio in Hampton Hill, Middlesex.

The aim of Quit Dreaming

The aim of the studio is quite simple – to deliver a top–quality recording service at an affordable price. We know that most unsigned bands and musicians simply cannot afford to pay the prices asked by large studios.

So make the smart choice: choose Quit Dreaming and get a recording service at a price you can afford with results that will have you walking out of here smiling.

Why do you need a good demo recording?

Well, you must have been on Mars if you haven’t noticed that things are hotting up out there for unsigned bands.

Being good simply isn’t enough anymore because there are so many talented bands and musicians all looking for that elusive record contract. And although the internet and MySpace means that absolutely anyone can publish their music now, absolutely everyone does! So for every Arctic Monkeys, there are thousands of bands who simply remain in obscurity.

So as an unsigned band or artist, you need to give yourself the best chance of getting noticed. And that means having a quality demo recording of 2 or 3 of your best songs.

Here at Quit Dreaming we have put together some fantastically priced demo deals (see below) so that you can afford a quality demo that might just help you become the next success story.

Why not do-it-yourself?

Well of course you can. That is exactly how we started Quit Dreaming. But many bands who go down this route simply find that it is actually more difficult to get professional sounding results than they expected.

It’s like learning to play an instrument. Buying a Fender Strat won’t turn you into Jimi Hendrix overnight. You still need to learn how to play the thing and put in the hours of practice needed to turn the theory into reality.

Recording is the same. And quite understandably, most musicians would prefer to spend their time and money honing their playing skills and buying better musical equipment, than learning the ins and outs of EQ and compression and splashing out on a £1000 tube mic to ensure their vocal tracks sparkle!

So if your own home recording isn’t quite sounding upto the mark, why not give us a call and let us take the pain out of getting that sound you’re after.

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