Quit Dreaming

Quit Dreaming Recording Studio

A small, friendly 48–track digital recording studio in Hampton Hill, Middlesex.

Opening Hours

We operate an 8 hour working day from 10.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We are closed on UK public holidays.

Standard Rate

The standard studio rate is £30.00 per hour.

Demo Deals

We offer some fantastic deals which give you great discounts on our standard rate and offer exceptional value. Each of these deals includes engineer and mastered CD.

1–day deal

This is ideal for vocalists or singer–songwriters with simple arrangements to come and record a 3–5 track demo. A day gives you plenty of time to get it right and for us to mix and master your work to make it sound great before we burn it to CD for you to take home.

2–day deal

This deal is aimed at bands on a budget who want a professionally recorded demo to help them book gigs. If you’re well prepared you should be able to record 3 songs and get them mixed and mastered to CD.

3–day deal

The 3–day deal is aimed at bands who want to record a demo with the primary aim of sending it off to record companies. With the extra day, you have the time to record additional layers (e.g. more guitars, backing vocals, percussion) which you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. It also gives us more time for mixing and mastering to make sure it all sounds as good as it can be before burning it to CD. Record companies receive a sack full of demos every day, so you need your demo to shine above the mediocre if you want to be noticed.

Vocal Experience

Have your voice professionally recorded singing 3 of your favourite songs. An ideal gift for that special occasion. Price includes engineer, backing tracks (subject to availability), 3–hours studio time and 4 mastered CDs.

Solo Artist

Just you and your instrument? Want to record a quick, no–frills demo to secure those gigs? Package includes 4–hours studio time, engineer and 4 mastered CDs.

Need more than 3–days?

If you are interested in booking more than 3 days, then please contact us for a very competitive quote.

Master Copies

The multi–track master (.wav) files from your session can be purchased at an additional cost of £30.00 per song. This cost covers the time required to transfer and burn the files to CD.

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